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Sign of the Time… Lord: A niche, accidental and very slow Doctor Who collection

Eccleston Street, SW1, street sign

I didn’t know I was collecting these until yesterday, when I exited Charlton station and bagged my second one.

I snapped Eccleston Street in July 2015, while walking from Victoria to Kensington. And now, because I have two such pics, I’ve decided that the game is on, and that the rules I must abide by are these:

• I must spot each sign by chance. Research and planning are forbidden.

• I am, however, allowed to feign surprise in Baker Street. Twice.

• If I end up living in one of these streets, I become King of the Universe, no questions asked.

• All photos must be undoctored. Ah, no, hang on… oh, you know what I mean.

Let’s play! This should keep me off the streets…

Troughton Road, SE7, street sign

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