Darren Stockford

About me

Wotcha. My name’s Darren, and this website is home to some of the things I’ve written over the past 20-odd years - about music, films, TV and whatever else has taken my fancy.

It all started in 1993, when a friend and I launched Rocks Off, a printed fanzine about music. When the Web started to take off, I ditched print in favour of webzines, and in 1999 my wife and I launched Ginger Wildheart’s official website, which we ran for three years.

I spent the Noughties first as a freelance writer, creating content for kids – stories, jokes, quizzes and product reviews – and then as a full-time copy-editor, working on articles across a range of topics, from music, TV and film to technology, finance and news.

I also worked briefly as a TV listings writer, and spent a year blogging for Syfy – or the Sci-Fi Channel, as it was known at the time. This led to me launching my own horror and sci-fi blog, Reel And Imagined, which eventually became DarrenStockford.com, so that it could house all manner of my noodling and act as an archive for some of my older articles. And, well, here we are.

When I’m not typing, eating or sleeping, I might be trying to make some electronic music, or a horror/sci-fi-themed video to go with it, under the name Haunting The Atom. Or I could be watching telly, or scrolling through social media. Either way, I’m probably fretting.

I live in London with Tara (my wife, best friend, editor and tech support), a disgracefully cluttered desk and the daft hope that, one day, I’ll have it all figured out.