Darren Stockford

Twelve inches of fun and a can of baked beans

Toy cyberman and a toy clockwork droid next to a tin of baked beansDespite promising myself that I’d resist the lure of 12-inch Doctor Who figures (my five-inch collection takes up enough room/money), I’ve succumbed. It’s difficult to say no when Argos stick certain figures in their sales, and over the last month or so I’ve acquired the two toys - er, I mean collectors’ items - pictured in glorious blur-o-vision on top of my freezer (the can of beans is just for scale - it’s not a prized artefact or nothin’, tasty-lookin’ though it is).

Mr Cyber Leader is currently selling for just one penny short of a fiver, while Monsieur Clockwork Man was procured a few weeks ago for just under nine quid. That’s a saving of almost 22 quid - or, in non-brainwashed-shopaholic speak, a spending of 14 and a glee factor of eight (two points have been deducted for small design niggles, such as the Clockwork Man’s hair sculpt and the Cyber Leader’s huge copyright stamp on his backside).

In related news, I found out last week that my sister’s family have all gone down with the Doctor Who bug. This is a result, as I recall my nephew questioning me last year on what that strange thing was on my T-shirt. (Answer: a Dalek.) Plus, the bloke who serviced my boiler last Wednesday started telling me how terrifying he found the Weeping Angels from Blink, and did I know where in Cardiff the exhibition is? (Answer: yes, and I’ll pull it up on the web for you. That’ll be 65 pounds, please - hour or part hour, it’s all the same to me.)

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