Darren Stockford

The Hopley Moor Incident: A short musical film about childhood wonder

Single sleeve for The Hopley Moor Incident by Haunting The AtomHere’s a vid I made: the latest bit of fun from my audiovisual alter ego, Haunting The Atom.

It’s the most upbeat track from my folder of synthy noodling, and it reminded me of childhood, which I figured was the perfect subject matter for a lockdown film.

Leave the house to collect footage? Not me. All I needed was my old photo albums and a portal to a parallel universe - which, as luck would have it, turned out to be the very same thing.

This is for the '70s and '80s UFO kids. Keep watching the skies - once you’ve finished that Close Encounters Blu-ray, of course.

The track is available to buy from Bandcamp, and like all good singles comes with an exclusive B-side. The price is one English, Earthbound pound, which should leave you with enough pocket money to grab some sweets and a comic.

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