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I zest my case: A quick thumbs-up for Songs For The General Public by The Lemon Twigs

Songs For The General Public by The Lemon TwigsYep, it’s my biannual plug for The Lemon Twigs, whose new album has spent the last week making sweet lurve to my lugholes.

Their last record, Go To School, was a rock opera about a chimp called Shane. Presumably, the title of their new one winks at the fact that it isn’t - though, actually, Songs For The General Public is just as theatrical and fabulous, darling. And there seems to be a loose concept too (relationships, in various forms).

I blummin’ adore it.

Lemon Twigs reviews tend to reference a bunch of highly regarded pop and rock acts from the ‘60s and ‘70s. To make things simple, though, I’ll just say that if you think Jellyfish are a bit of all right, have a go on the Twigs.The two bands don’t sound much alike, but they do share a huge chunk of musical DNA, which manifests in their melodies and vocal harmonies. So if you’ve ever cried over Spilt Milk, the Twigs might be your cup of tea too.

Criticism of this new LP? Well, the final track - a dark, transgressive ballad called Ashamed - reminded me of Auld Lang Syne in a way that I found distracting until I got used to it.

Also… nah, that’s all I’ve got.

Once again, the D’Addario brothers’ talent, energy and love for what they do can be heard in every bar (of the musical kind - ain’t no gigs at the mo’). They’re camp and sincere, precise and untamed, cool and nerdy, and as addictive as breathing.

And that’s why I continue to vote Twig.

See you back here in six months.

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