Darren Stockford

Monster mash… with carrots

Poster for Cloverfield"You have never experienced anything like Cloverfield."

Empire magazine’s Olly Richards, there, igniting a flame up my backside that propelled me to my local Vue on Saturday afternoon.

Unfortunately, the Cloverfield experience echoed ones I had watching The Zombie Diaries and, to a lesser extent, The Blair Witch Project on the big screen. I’m just not cut out to have stomach-churning shakycam engulfing my field of vision for any length of time.

And so, after 30 minutes, I disengaged emotionally from the film to focus my attention on not spewing. My thoughts, therefore, are a bit random and not worth twisting into a review, so I won’t.

My reaction to Cloverfield started me thinking, though. Diary Of The Dead, the fifth film in George Romero’s zombie saga, is being presented in a similar manner to Cloverfield: as an hour and a half of amateur-style footage. It’s due to be released in the UK on 7 March. Do I brave it at the cinema? In all honesty, I don’t think I’ll be able to wait for a shiny disc, so I’m considering necking a couple of travel-sickness pills before buying a ticket.

Anyone got any decent tips (medications or otherwise)? Bring 'em on…

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